Thursday, May 21, 2009

The basic concept of troubleshooting

In my younger times my Dad had an electrical workshop in Batticolo (1980 ~ 1985).

One day I hardly remember someone came with an electrical iron and he wanted to fix it because it’s was not working. My Dad had about 10 tech workers in the workshop and a one of a newbie worker has assigned for these kinds of small tasks. (I’m very interested to spend the time in my Dad’s workshop so I was seeing these stories from the beginning)
So, he has removed the front cover of the iron ASAP and replaced the iron element with no delays. But it’s not worked, so he has spend some hours finding where the issue is and finally he decided to get advice from my father and my Dad just asked him to check the fuse in the power plug at the end.

Replacing the fuse has resolved the issue and it worked well with the existed iron element as well. So my Dad has been taught his worker and I have learned the basic concepts of troubleshooting in my age 6.

So I would be honored to respect my farther on the day of completing my 10 years of the IT experience because he has laid the foundation of my success.

At the same time today is my first anniversary with Exilesoft (Pvt) Ltd.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

A new trend for IT virtualization by VMware vShpere

About one year ago, I had an imagination of having an enterprise level packet filtering mechanism inbuilt with VMware Infrastructure. Because it will be time saving and it’ll be more sophisticated when you defining security in between virtual infrastructures you build inside your VMware server. Basically what was in my mind is an improved VMware switch (capable of routing and packet filtering) to handle the high end security requirements. And It’s was just another entry to my wish list.

Recently VMware announced its new concept of future IT virtualization, “Cloud Computing” VMware vShpere. It’s a wide solution with high end Security, High availability (fault tolerate, data recovery), Scalability, etc. I’m anxiously waiting to get in touch with this latest technology. It will be released soon.

A simulcast done by VMware CEO Paul Maritz: