Monday, November 17, 2008

VMware Convertor: Convert Microsoft SBS 2008 in to a ESX virtual host in minimum down time

I had a terrible headache to convert my SBS 2008 physical server in to an ESX virtual host. I was performing some experiments on this and also planning to minimize the down time as much as possible. Thank God, VMware has released new version of Convertor and it’s fully supports for the Windows 2008 versions as well.
My SBS 2008 was running on IBM Systems X 3650 and it’s has 10GB RAM and runs over RAID 10.

In my case I have installed VMware Convertor in to the VMware VC (virtual center) installed Windows XP 32bit BOX which is not very powerful one. Ok we’ll start the work.
Open Vmware Convertor 4.0.2 or above and click on the “Import a Machine” Wizard.
1. Click “Next” to start the wizard
2. Again click “Next” (Source)
3. There you can select the Source from the drop down list

4. And enter the authentication user name passwords to the target machine (SBS 2008)

5. After that below menu will show you the current hard disk and there you can change the capacity as needed and click “Next” after you done

6. Click on “Next” (Destination)
7. In this menu you can select the Destination and in this case I used “VMware Infrastructure Virtual Machine”

8. Now you have to provide the ESX root credentials to authenticate the VMware SEX host you wish to create the virtual host and then click “Next”
9. And provide a name for the Virtual Host
10. In this menu you need to provide the Resource Pool you need to place the imported VM and click on it and again click “Next”
11. Select the storage from the given Data stores
12. In the Networks menu you need to set the interface information and click “Next”
13. And in the Customization menu you can customize the VM host before you process and also you can scheduled to install the VMware tools as well
14. Click “Finish" to beging the process

I had about 64GB footprint in the SBS 2008 physical server and the VMware Convertor spent only about 40 minutes to finish the tasks. (please note this network has connected via HP procurve 1Gbps switch)

I have started the SBS virtual machine which is just migrated and installed VMware Tools and restarted again. I happened reset the IP settings for the both network interfaces and after that switched the users to the SBS 2008 Virtual host. I have swithced the traffic withing 3 seconds down time but there was a 1 to 2 minutes down time in the network. (just password prompts)
No headaches at all ! Good Luck for your migration !


Feanor's Blog said...


From where did you find 4.0.2 version. From the link that you've provided you go to VmWare web page and from there the latest version is 4.0.1.

My conversion finishes but the new vmware instance fails to boot. i'm trying to convert an SBS2008 running on Oracle VM to Vmware Esxi 4.0.

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